Transition and Continuity

We go through different kinds of transition in our lives. Just like everyone goes through developmental stages, it’s stepping up from one level to another.

I am now facing a transition. From the corporate world to the noble profession of health care. From the private industry to government service. This is a much awaited move for me I guess. Since the Nursing profession became such a fad for almost a decade ago, I was one of those who jumped in to the bandwagon of the nursing career. 3 years post graduation, I was able to work in a new “field” of healthcare in the Philippines – it is now called Telehealth Medicine. The company was managed as a BPO/KPO industry in short – a call center-like environment. My time in this field has finally come to its end. I am moving on.

I must say, it was well worth 2 years experience. I have learned so much. This new opportunity to be a Nurse in a government hospital is rather a challenge. We all know that finding a job as a Nurse with pay is not as easy as applying in the call center industry. Thus, I am so much grateful for this opportunity.

I have once read Maria Ressa’s speech she gave for a med rep event and she said towards the end of her speech: “Once you find the courage to say no and take responsibility for your actions, you reverse the tipping point for evil and begin to tilt the balance the other way

Fight the group that will drag you down. Find the group that will raise you up.” This is a real challenge for me. Corruption is not only found in the government but also in private industries. Upholding and going back to your core and keeping it with your morals is a responsibility.

I must say that this transition is the continuity of courage to do what is right. And a realm where I will have to draw the line in the sand as Maria Ressa have said and I should never cross it.


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  1. Joanne · June 15, 2011

    truly agree and admire you for that Mark! Keep on!


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