Grief – Thank you Kuya Jec

Death can come without warning. Sometimes it can come with the biggest warning sign but we opt not to see it – DENIAL. When I received the news of Kuya Jec’s death Monday morning, I was in denial. I had to call somebody else for confirmation. I called AC and got the confirmation, wala na si Kuya Jec. It was a sudden death – who could have ever imagine that as young, pro-active, dedicated and such a giving leader can die so early?

For about 12 years ago, I met Kuya Jec in the Parish of OLPH. Those were during my adolescent years, like most of you Kuya Jec also became a mentor. He showed how to be a leader of a small group of people and also of a big group. He showed that no matter how big or small these groups are, there will always be an equal opportunity for everyone to be his friend. I just know that most if not all of you young people (Legion, JAM/Youth, SK) had your fair chance to open up something to Kuya Jec and he’d always had the answers or pieces of advice to give. That’s what I will always remember about Kuya Jec – his openness to all his friends. Once you have entered that circle of friendship, he will do everything that he can to help. That’s what I want to all of you to remember – those fun memories, nuggets of advice, those jokes, and those sermons probably. Because that was Kuya Jec was made for.

Pre-adolescent to adolescent stage of life are very important in to one’s personality when he reaches young adulthood – and again MOST if not all of us have met Kuya Jec during these stages of our life. Kuya Jec loves being with the youth – the drive and the power of the youth is very promising. The youth has the greater capabilities to make a better change. Kuya Jec will always be part of the youth. And I must be proud to say, that I wouldn’t be who I am today if not for Kuya Jec. To all of you whom Kuya Jec has made an impact – let me tell you this: Do not lose that spark, do not lose that vibe of being young to be able to make a difference to yourself, to your family and to your community.

“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ”

I will never forget that day when Kuya Jec had to climb and jump a wall with broken glasses at the top just because we were trying to rescue a friend. Kuya Jec – I am not afraid to cry and to all of you let’s not be afraid to grieve – because grief is the price that we can pay for love. And let us not remember Kuya Jec how or why he died but how he lived his life.


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