Email/online scammer for Nurses is still out there!

On the new year’s day of 2012 I received an email notification from my old multiply account that someone put a comment on an old blog I posted last 2008. It was about the online scammer that almost victimed me. This scammer contacted me thru email that I believe he got from an online job-searching site.

I sent an email to abs-cbn and I was told that they did focus on this heinous online crime. In fact they had an episode on their XXX program about this. What’s bothering is after almost 4 years this person is still out there doing the very same scheme.

For my dear colleagues, young nurses, I know it’s really a struggle to find a job but please never let yourself or a friend be a victim of this scam! Let’s be informed and proactive.

Click on the link below for the actual email or scheme that this person uses to victimize nurses.

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