Doctor D-bag

As a nurse there are times where there’s a need to accompany a patient when going for a referral to another hospital. Which in our case, this Specialist is not an affiliate in our institution.

So, that day of March 5th I had this chance to bring a patient for a referral to The Medical City. There we went to the 12th floor of the Medical Arts tower as scheduled right before 4pm in the afternoon. We went in to the Doctor’s office and the Secretary on a srub suit welcomed us with such a long face telling me I had to write down my patient’s name and handed me a clipboard where the patient needed to fill up details. We were 7th on the list. I did not insist that we should be seen first just to avoid any argument with that secretary on a scrub suit.

After waiting for almost 2 hours this Doctor Dbag came in his clinic saying “Sorry I’m late” addressing everyone inside. He was about 5’10” tall and about 250 pounder big with a long harry potter-like hair.

It was our turn to get inside as I was called by the secretary on a scrub suit. Doctor Dbag greeted me, my patient and his relatives saying “Dapat pala kayo na inuna ko, admitted ka pa pala sa hospital ninyo”. Like I almost believed his sincerety.

I handed the chart to Doctor Dbag and hover through it. Looking for some lab results. He then grabbed his prescription pad and started discussing my patient’s case. He asked if the patient had a CT Abd done, and told him yes. He asked “Where’s the plates?” When I told him we left it at the ward, he just said “Excellent!” and that started to feel the air in the room are filling up with sarcasm.

He asked the patient “Na file nyo na ba ang philhealth for the ERCP?”. The patient told him he’d complete and file that once discharged. Dr. Dbag said pinagbigyan ko na nga kayo dapat asikasuhin nyo naman yan. Baka sabihin nyo nalang sa akin na hindi na ako maka claim nyan dahil late na” in a very awkward and inapproriate tone of voice. After he discussed the patient’s case an his plan of care, the patient asked “Ano po ba talaga ang sakit ko, hindi nyo pa po ako nadidiagnose kung ano talaga ang sakit ko”. Dr. Dbag went wild again! “Alam nyo sinilip ko na diba alam ko may problema hindi ko pa sigurado kung ano pero alam ko may problema”.

Now you guys tell me if ever you will have a patient needing a gastro-endoscopy specialist, will you refer them to Dr. Dbag?



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