My boy moving up to Kinder 2.

There’s no formal training on how to become the best parent to your child. It’s like a natural phenomena of nature to be a protective parent your offsprings. Instinct. You make decisions based on how you want to protect your child and how to give the best possible care. You know you are inexperienced but you just know that it’s the best choice to make.

My boy is moving up to Preparatory level or in other pre-schools they call it Kinder II or just Kinder. Could this be the perfect timing to transfer my son to another school?

I found this pre-school just within the area that has better and brand new facilities. The school building was built to really become a school. Sinks and toilets are designed for kids. They also provide snacks for the students (included in the tuition fee ofcourse). The teachers speak in english fluently – which my former boss once said that a person who speaks the language fluently is also a good sign that that person is smart and intelligent.

Ok. Son is not just moving up but also transferring.



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