April Fool’s on a Palm Sunday

Ok so April Fool’s Day fell on a Palm Sunday. Since the epic april-fool prank that my brother successfully pulled few years back, I always remember that bright sunny day every time this day comes.

My brother called our home in Cubao telling my cousin that he was badly injured from a vehicular accident few blocks away from our house. Before he was able to crack that prank, my cousin dropped the phone and hysterically told everyone at home. “Si kuya Mike nasagasaan daw sa may 20th”. Literally everyone at home went out. My dad was shouting “yung anak ko, yung anak ko nasagasaan sa 20”. All the neighbors who heard the cry went out. There were tricycles, motorbikes, patrol from baranggay hall and bystanders all went to 20th avenue to rescue my brother. After a few minutes of searching the whole stretch of street – they found nothing. So they went to the nearest hospital in Quirino Mem. Medical Ctr. No Michael found in the E.R. nor any reported accident from any nearby places.

My father who has a history of ischemia, called me and told me everything my younger brother just did. It’s like the Boy Who Cried Wolf – literally.

My brother did not visit my father’s house for 3 months because the neighbors told us that they’d kick his ass if he shows himself in the area.

This is a classic tale that will be passed on to generations. Not to make fun of the people who was fooled on that day, but to understand to never play or joke something about health or life and death issue.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday and may the rest of the days of this Holy Week be truly Holy for everyone. It’s time for a retreat!

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