The much awaited – The Avengers

If you’re working in a hospital, seldom you get a 2-day off on a weekend. And when you do, make sure you get the most of it. That’s why this last weekend just as I planned, my little boy and I watched the much awaited – The Avengers.

For the longest time we have been waiting for the showing of this great movie. I must say, it’s really worth the wait. On its first showing day last April 25, I monitored on twitter how it will turn out. I knew that lines will be long and tickets were selling out really fast so I decided to watch early afternoon last friday. It was a good move for me. No hassle and lines were not that long yet. Unlike the following day, where the tickets for the entire day were sold out already. That would make my little boy Brent really upset if we end up not getting tickets for the movie.
Having a preschooler son is one of the sweetest thing too. I mean, watching movies like The Avengers makes you feel double the excitement and fun because your kid is as much as excited as you are. Brent was wearing his Captain America star on his shirt (a toy from Toy Kingdom), it’s that thing that you attach on the shirt and has a voice and lights when you press it. And of course he came in with the shield. He also have the Captain America mask but I forgot to bring it along.

I must say that The Avengers is one of the best Marvel movies yet. And the bottom line is always Team Work!

Oh and watching it on 2D shouldn’t really be a disadvantage as it was not really made for 3D cinemas (at least that’s what I think).

After the movie, we played in Timezone where Brent had a great time too because for the first time he played arcade with his cousin Ainsley.

If all weekend days off are spent like this then I will request it every week. But I please not as expensive too. Hahaha.

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