That Mushroom we missed.

I’m not talking about any magic mushrooms. It was well planned that on our way back home from Lemery, Batangas (where that epic jump shot was made) the entire group will be stopping over Tagaytay City.

The intentions were not just for the sake of taking another jump shots because the first ones were awful (an epic fail) but just plainly for having fun. Dining together as a group is a great opportunity for a wonderful group bonding isn’t it?

We missed the mushroom burger restaurant which of course would be on the right side coming from Batangas. Yes missed it. On board the coaster bus was 20 people all asleep of course except the driver. And when the bus driver stopped and was about to turn back, the chain of command must always be observed and so we asked our newly assigned HN. She said NO. And we went straight going home. And that’s how we missed it. Ugh.

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