The TOP best Moms of my life

Not all women are given the chance to become moms but all of us will not be who we are if not for our mothers who brought us in this world. So I salute all the mothers in the world who gave the true meaning to L-O-V-E

In the spirit of the world’s celebration of Mother’s Day, I wanted to blog about these top 4 moms that made my life more meaningful.

Brigette Ann Guayco
She’s no other than the mom to our one and only Brent. The first in my list is of course my loving wife Brij. Becoming a mom at the age of 21 was not just a challenge but is also a gift of opportunity. She never failed to make sure that all the care and affection our little boy needs are met. I have seen how Brij became a strong woman. She have transformed in to a better and intelligent woman. And the foundation of that is motherhood. I truly admire her dedication and efforts in giving Brent the best possible care and security of life. I love you so much Bhe!

The next BEST mom is Corazon Baarde . Little did they know that I, almost an adopted son by this woman who I truly adore. She is an epitome of what they call ‘modern-aged woman’. A strong and powerful woman, she is a proud mom to her child Richelle and now to her youngest Ria. She is actually my grand aunt but then again she’s too young to be called one. To us, she is our Tita Dinday. When we were kids, she made our small dreams come true. Toys, clothes, shoes, fun summer outings and others. Every summer vacation during our younger years, she made sure that all the kids including me and my brothers will be spending a time at her place and will be booking either on a hotel or in yacht club just for us to enjoy the summer. As a successful business woman she is a traveler. She’s been to almost every continent in the world. She does not only enjoy it to herself because she have brought her nephews and nieces along to her travels. As a frequent traveler to Europe, just last 2009 she let me travel with her to London, UK. Also, she shares her blessings not only by spending for us but also sharing the importance of education. I am one of her many scholars. And I will forever be grateful for that. I wouldn’t be who I am today if not for Tita Dinday. Thank you for helping me achieve the things I am achieving now. I love you! Happy Mother’s Day!

Next top BEST mom is Corazon Umayam Capil. My mom-inlaw. People say that I am such a lucky person because it’s not all the time you see this kind of relationship with mother inlaws. Mama Cora treats me like one of her own. For half a decade living with them, she made me feel that truly I’m part of the family. She showed me the other kind of selfless motherhood. She not only have dedicated all her life in being a home maker, and not only she sacrificed her career as a Dentist, I learned that she have dedicated her life for her children most specially Vince. Thank you Ma for accepting me as your son. I love you!

And the top BEST mom is of course, non other than my Mama, Ana Ruth Elano Guayco. Her version of motherhood is a classic MMK selfless sacrifice. A government employee, a breadwinner and have sweat blood and tears to send her kids to exclusive schools. She have dedicated her life as a mother. When I say classic MMK, I mean countless times of moving out of our house and coming back again. In short, it’s the cycle of battered wife syndrome. At that time we didn’t know she was in that state. Until years later she finally decided to put an end to it. Now its been a decade since she got out of it and we, her kids have supported her all the way. One thing I admire her is not only making both ends meet when it’s about our finances. She just simply made magic. Now that I am also a parent and have started working too, only then I truly understand how she was pulling her magic tricks in putting meals on our table and giving the best education possible. I know it’s just difficult. I admire Mama because of her undying support. I know a lot of times we have disappointed her but never did she abandoned us in a way she was always there supporting us. Mama gave meaning to the words Selfless Love. I love you Ma! Thank you for making me who I am today. Others say, that when a man treats her woman like a princess is because he was raised by a queen. Thank you for raising me well. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

To all the moms, soon to be moms, feeling moms, single moms, all those who are doing the tasks of a mother, Happy Mother’s Day!

Tita Dinday

Tita Dinday

Mama Cora

Mama Cora

Mama Ruth

Mama Ruth

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