Palusot the closing argument

This is the first time that I am going to write about the impeachment trial of our Chief Justice Renato C. Corona. I know this is truly exhausting. For the last 5 months, this impeachment trial is always on the news every single day on tv, newspaper and on radio. The agony of the Filipino people will end tomorrow (I just hope so) as the verdict of the trial will be announced.

We have seen how this impeachment trial became more interesting and more dramatic than the prime time soaps of any tv networks. But truly, as my Filipino-English friend once said that Philippines has the most interesting and exciting history in its government.

Whenever I don’t get to watch the prime time news, I would make sure that I read my time line for the updates on the Corona-impeachment trial. Of course I will once in a while I make comments from my personal point of view using the commonly used hashtags  I said on my twitter account @aNurseDad “but was impressed w rep farinas. Will vote for him#CJontrial #CJTrial #closingarguments #coronatrial #cjtrialwatch“. And then a twitter troll replied saying ” @aNurseDad oh.Sad to say am not.d speech was at a squaters level point of view.But if its ur choice to vote him, i respect that. #CJonTrial

When I watched the closing arguments as citizen watching the trial, the delivery of the speech was in fact appealing to most Filipinos. I’m just not quite sure why this twitter troll said that it was delivered at “squaters level”.

Just watch this video below and see why the word Palusot trended in the Philippines the whole afternoon of May 28, 2012.




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