Surgery Nurse for a year

When I decided to change my blog’s domain name to to follow my twitter username, it also began my career as a certified Surgery Nurse in one of the government hospitals in Quezon City, Philippines. Need I say certified or legit? Well we know that only few young nurses now are truly given the chance to be a real nurse. Try checking out Ang Nars an NGO who promotes the welfare of Nurses most especially the new generation of young nurses. And you will know what I was referring to.

As I was saying, I was initially assigned in the Male Surgical Ward. At first, all I thought it was going to be just the normal pre-op and post op routine nursing care. But I was surprised because it was way more than the monitoring vital signs and I and Os every hour. The work of a Surgery Nurse go well beyond having a good and sharp clinical eye.

Not all patients respond in exact same way or in the exact timing. The top 3 common surgery cases in our ward are: Appendectomy, Cholecystectomy and ORIF/GA.

We had few SICU cases too. And being a nurse that belongs the younger generations, I am one of the top picks every time there is a critical patient post operatively. Even without proper training, I was able to pull through night shifts taking care of patients on a mech vent. It may be easy for some but mastering the so called nursing reflexes whenever you see the 02 sat level goes down is what I truly like in my 1 year of being a surgery nurse in our hospital. Having a quick clinical judgement and to know when to wake up the Attending Physician or when not to.

I am proud and honored to be a Surgery Nurse even for just a year. I will never forget those tiring shifts and extended hours just to be able to hand over properly to the next shift the patients as smooth as possible.

I would like to thank all the Nurses and the Midwives I worked with for the last year. You truly made me become a pro! Naks!

Don’t worry, I am just in the other side of the hospital. And for sure I will be seeing all of you every time there is a new admission from ER.

Yes! You heard it right. ANurseDad will be an ER nurse beginning tomorrow. More action and more fun!

Watch out for new posts when I wear those srcubs tomorrow.

The staff of MSW


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