Errrr ER

Today is my first day in ER. My new home for the next year. The very first thing I liked being assigned in ER is being able to wear scrubs. Doesn’t it feel better and more cool wearing scrub suits compared to the old schooled cotton white uniform? In our hospital, only few areas are allowed to wear scrubs, of course OR, and then there’s ER, OB and Dialysis. The rest of the departments staff wears the classic white cotton uniform. And it means the ladies are still wearing the infamous cap.

But I’m still waiting for the prescribed scrub suits I ordered which will be delivered within the week. In short,colorum pa ako.

I’m very glad because just like my previous area, I see familiar faces. These are the people I know since I was a little kid. And it just feels just at home.

The focus of nursing care is totally different from the surgery ward. And I want to give my self a chance to blend in. In no time for sure. I will be able to squeeze myself and be able to go with the natural flow.

I want to grab this opportunity to learn. To have that good clinical/nursing judgment. To have that nursing reflexes back in the game. To make my skills honed and sharp.

Watch out for more entries! ANurseDad is now in ER!

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