Cheese sa ibabaw!

Cheese on the top

Cheese on the top

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel made fun of the new product campaign of KFC Philippines. Their newest product: The Streetwise Cheese Top Burger.

Oh yes! Cheese sa ibabaw! My son is a cheese addict. And so he asked me to order that for him. Pag bukas nya nung burger, he was so excited to see and toing! My son said “that’s not cheese daddy, look it’s just color yellow”. Matigas na kasi yung cheese and it didn’t taste like cheese. He tried to take a bite but decided not to. So he munched on his favorite mashed potato instead.

On Jimmy Kimmel’s show, he spoofed a commercial of the product where the people eating the cheese top burger had all the melted cheese on their hands. It was disgusting and of course funny. But on the other hand I too was expecting a little bit of soft-melted cheese on top of the burger – as how it was presented on their ads. But to my disappointment, isang slice ng keso-de-bolang cheese na manipis ang nakita and nalasahan ko.

Not only the idea of having the cheese on top of the bun is already out-of-the-ordinary, the actual cheese is not what I would assume everyone expects. In short, both the idea and the product is an epic fail. I just hope KFC Philippines will be more “streetwise” on their next products.

Post Script: This product did not affect our loyalty to other KFC products. This is still the no. 1 fast food choice of my son.

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