ACLS Certified

When I got promoted to be an RN in the Emergency Department, I knew I had 6 months to comply with the requirements. First is to get the ACLS certification.


It was another humbling experience for me. I had to borrow some books and materials from my coworkers. I watched some YouTube videos for the ACLS algorithms. The videos really helped me a lot!


When it was my turn to do the Megacode the other group was done with theirs so everyone was watching me. That really added more pressure. So I just went on and did my thing. And it’s because I was able to be in an actual code for the past years, it was like my reflexes were working on the right time. After saying all the protocols after the Return of Spontaneous Circulation. Everyone clapped and our Boss said, “I want you in ICU!”

I said to myself my ER Supervisor will not like that. LOL.


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