Ako po si

A Registered Nurse and am now working in one of the Government Hospitals in Manila, Philippines. I have 5 years of corporate experience under my belt and just recently jumped over to Government service.

I was able to do a little bit of travels in the past and I definitely love travelling and I am looking forward to do my next travels with my wife. Yes, I am happily married for almost 2 years now and we are now going on our 7th year as a couple. I have a very cute and handsome son who is now going to a pre-school already and it has been such a challenging role to be a dad and yet very rewarding. I love being a husband and a dad to my family. Everyday is such a blessing for me and everyday I thank God for giving me this wonderful life that I continuously strive to be better as days go by.

I am looking forward to be blogging more about my experiences now as a Nurse.

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