Guam my Point of Entry


NAIA Terminal 1 – Gate 1

It was December 15, 2012 when I left Manila to face a new chapter in my life. My wife and I have been waiting for this day to come. Everything was not rushed I must say. The waiting time was around 2 years in the making. In that short period, I started working in the PNP General Hospital as a Surgical Ward Nurse and recently as an ER Nurse. It was indeed a very pleasant experience for me. It helped me understand that the profession I have is not just about the pride of being a nurse in the family but it is a service, a calling as they call it.

Now, that everything is anew, it is fresh start. An opportunity to do things right the first time. I know it will not be easy. As of this writing, I have been here in Guam for a week now. From the very first time I set my foot in the land “where America’s day begin” everything seems to be such a smooth sail.

It feels like though I am still in that vacation mode. The first week of stay spent on prepping for my first Christmas here. Shopping in Ross and K-mart, and I have tried driving around too. Our visit to Chuck E Cheese which my little boy enjoyed so much and to which I am very thankful because finally he started eating pizza! The second time we went there he had that medium box of pizza all by himself.

The Noche Buena was just as the same as in Manila. Home Pinoy Food – the main attraction was the Lechon my in-laws prepared for us. We did monito-monita and kids’ opening gifts at 12mn. It is such a wonderful experience as this is the first time too, that technically we are living on our own now. Me, my wife and our son in our own home. Christmas is truly about celebrating life, love and family. I love my family. And I am just as excited in what the next days and weeks will unfold for me.

There are no words that can sum up to all my gratitude to those people who have helped me in the past months and years. To my in-laws, as my friends say it, I am just so lucky to have parent-inlaws like you because you embraced me and accepted me just like your own son. The past 6 years of my life was honed by both of you. To my mama, who up until this time, is living up to the greatest form of mother’s love – selfless love. Thank you mama, for always being there for me and my family. We love you so much. To all my friends who went to my little send-off party, Salamat sa pagpunta and to my best friend also who have pulled out a short and meaningful send-off party program, thank you so much.

To my wife, thank you for patiently waiting. I know this is the start. We can do this! Thank you for taking the driver’s seat since the day you officially migrated here I salute you and I admire you for the sacrifice you made for me and Brent. Now that I am now here, let me be the Captain of our ship now and promise to take care of you and Brent towards achieving our dreams. I love you!


Tumon, Guam



  1. Susana Roadilla-Padin · November 26, 2014

    Sir family status ba lagi ang ino offer nila sa guam? Thank you.God bless you


    • a Nurse Dad · February 21, 2015

      hello! depende meron mga working visa dito sa Guam na Pinoy lalo na sa mga construction workers and now sa mga Nurses they are hiring also.


  2. Leanne · March 13, 2015

    Hi! Im working as of now as nurse in Florida. And im planning to move to Guam in order to be nearer with my family back in the Philippines. Is your hospital still hiring nurses? How much is the usual per hour salary? Thank you.

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    • a Nurse Dad · April 27, 2015

      Hi Leanne! Yes the hospital where I work now is continuously hiring! That reason is one of the top reasons why most pinoys like to stay here on Guam.


    • a Nurse Dad · April 27, 2015

      For more info re: the hospital I work just email me or tweet me @anursedad


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