10 years as a Nurse

From the controversial 2006 batch of Registered Nurses the Philippines. I can’t believe that it has been 10 years. My nursing school life was such a colorful experience nonetheless melodramatic. 

The after-college life is truly a long haul journey. It was not easy at all. One thing, I was always consistently and unkowingly doing was, whenever I meet a person in any workplace with the potential of being a mentor  or even someone who has a great story about carrer, I would always get interested and will always try to associate myself and to look up to that person. And more importantly is to veer away from people with such a negative energy. Trust me, there are people who are sometimes can be both. 
I always strive for more learning. I once told myself when I was still working as tech, “I am more than this and that I can be better than this”. When I sat down for my NCLEX, the first thing I wrote down on the white board, Mark Guayco USRN. And it did work! I may have failed and fell down many time in the past 10 years, but what important is that there is always the defining moment that I need to pick myself and battle again. 
There is no easy way to success! But all these will be worth it. 
I am a proud Thaddean Nurse and a proud PINOY NURSE. 
Happy 10th year Anniversary for the BSN 2006 controversial batch of the Philippines. 


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