aNurseDad is going to Guam

I never thought this NAIA T1 experience will never be this easy and smooth (so far!, still waiting for boarding). Of course we battled the 3-hour traffic in EDSA all the way down here.

Hindi mahaba yun pila sa pag check in and sa immigration! All the staff greeted me and my son with all smiles! Walang bumati ng Merry Christmas na may kasamang *wink wink*

Ok din at wala masyado umuupo sa harap namin. And narealize ko na that thing infront is a used baby diaper! No one dared to sit down nor touch it. Mukha naman walang palaman. Hahaha.

Worst Airport in the world? Hindi naman. I believe this is not the worst. Yun lang talaga, we’re decades behind other airports.
Basta ako, I’m excited to board our flight and see my lovely wife!


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