Day 3 in ER: Vehicular Accident

Half past six I came in the hospital today, just in time before the hand over at 0645H. My supervisor immediately told me that one of our nurses got involved in a vehicular accident. To my surprise that person was from Male Surgical Ward (my former ward). I immediately went in the ER to check. Chito was not yet there. Everyone was waiting. He was still in the X-ray. [Portable x-ray hasn’t been invented when you step in our facility].

It’s not that we were expecting for Chito to have serious injuries but while waiting everyone has their own turn in sharing their ER experience with a Motorbike Accident. Most if not all of the stories I heard end up with severe intracranial hemorrhage: patient died or survived but with a lifetime immobility due to severe brain damage.

Chito came back on a wheelchair with all smiles. When everyone saw that, everyone seemed to went back to their own businesses. It’s like hindi naman pala grabe eh. Hehehe. But then again it’s better to know that he just had minor bruises on his legs and knees and an incomplete fracture on his left elbow plus a torn pair of white pants. I spent the rest of the day in Chito’s ward to augment for his absence.

Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. And the best lessons that nurses can get are from the patient’s history or just simply the reason for admission.

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