Day 4 in ER: First code blue

Hello ya’ll! I consider myself really luck when I got transferred in ER. True, it is a special area. And being a trauma nurse requires willingness to learn new experience.

From my 1 year stint in the Surgery Ward, I learned how to be a team player. I didn’t have difficulty “blending” in. In this side of the city our hospital exclusively caters uniformed personnel, that’s why there’s a different gameplay. Though there are civilian patients at times, the facility is dedicated for the ones with the badges. You would probably know by now where I’m working.

Just few days ago, on my 4th day in ER, this patient who was being treated for asthma right after nebulization of Salbutamol, his difficulty of breathing went from bad to worse. No need for a steth, you sure can hear wheezes and crackles. Oh yes! I heard crackles. For a second I remembered how I do bubbles before and after doing my laps in a pool. Patient went cyanotic. Was transferred to the critical area, and then the code blue. And in just split seconds everyone just know what and how to do everything.

Just like in BLS or ACLS demos but this time its real life, there was a team leader and all the other essential role player in a trauma code blue scene. I on the other hand as the newest member became the recorder. Haha. I’m not even sure if that’s what it’s called. Patient got intubated, hooked in to the monitor, IV line was placed. Everything went just as smooth just like any other scene in a Grey’s Anatomy episode.

And since there’s no available Mechanical Ventilator at that time (Not sure if there has been one though), we did ambo-bagging. Yes the manual way. We take turns in doing it, both 1 hour each. And then patient became stable. The relative took over pumping the bag with instructed timing and rhythm. And in no time it was shift change! Endorsement done and off we go. Wohoo. Adrenalinish and ecstatic day this was.

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